Small grants scheme for sports, arts and youth

There is a small grant scheme available to residents and organisations based in Woking borough.

Sports grants

Sports grants for 2022/2023 are aimed at targeting physical activity for people/groups who are least likely to be physically active or who have been impacted upon by covid-19. The grants are administered by Woking Sports Council and we welcome applications throughout the year (please note that funds become available in April each year and are dealt with on a first come, first served basis until the funds are spent).

Eligibility criteria

The funding can be used for activities/clubs that support the following:

The funding must support:

  • The provision of physical activity or supporting the delivery of physical activity.
  • Training support and upskilling volunteers.
  • Increasing resilience, capacity, and capability of your organisation to support your community through sport and physical activity.

A maximum of £500 is awarded for exceptional projects. The average amount awarded is £275. 

If successful with the application, we require you to share updates of your project so we can promote your activities. 


Apply for a sports grant online

Arts and youth grants

There is a small grants scheme available to those residing or located within the borough, which is awarded to individuals or clubs that would like to:

  • enhance or improve equipment and/or facilities for individual or group performances
  • develop and expand the range of activities
  • increase participation and the number of members
  • provide specified specialist coaching or training for individuals or groups to achieve (1), (2) or (3) above
  • fund innovations or new events requiring initial support.

The funds are available to expand the role or performance of recipients and should not be available for routine expenses or to support an existing programme.

There is a maximum award of £500 for exceptional projects with an average award of £275.

Applications must include evidence that the applicant is contributing a minimum level of 50% to the cost of the scheme from either personal or other sources. There is a limit of one application per individual or group in any council year. A minimum 40% proportion of grant funds is available for individual applications.

Please allow six weeks for a response once your application has been submitted.

For those applying for a youth grant, please note that applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by Woking Youth Council. Please ensure that your application is submitted at least three months prior to your activity.

Apply for an arts or youth grant online