Family services for parents

Family life can be challenging and most parents or carers require a little extra help at some point. 

However, sometimes a family’s circumstances can significantly impact on the health, development or wellbeing of children and this is when a more targeted approach is needed and support can be organised to meet the specific needs of your family. Support that is available includes:

Sessions and group work

Woking family services provide a wide range of groups which can support you as a parent.

View the Woking family services leaflets.

One-to-one support

If you think your family might need one-to-one support you can call children’s single point of access and speak to someone who will help you decide what is best for your family.

Our commitment is to work with your whole family, actively involving you all in the decisions that will affect your life.

Meeting a support worker

An outreach worker (0 to 11 years old) or family support coordinator (5 to 19 years old) will meet you to listen and hear how you would like things to change from the way they are now.

They will help you to look at all aspects of your family’s life, identifying your strengths and help you to think about how you might build on these to make your family stronger and your life better. 

This information will inform the Early Help Assessment to find out what support you need and from who.

A team around the family

If the support you need requires a number of services to work together your support worker will bring them together in a meeting with you to specifically help with what you and your family need.

These people will form a team around the family (TAF), providing different expertise and resources, so we can work together to meet your goals. Together you will identify the best person to be your child’s ‘champion’ and they will also be the point of contact for you.

At the first meeting, you will all work together to agree goals and set a unique action plan to help your family along the way. A date will be agreed (usually around 6 weeks) to come back together to see how things are progressing and review and set new goals.