How to appeal our decision

We hope that our investigation will result in a satisfactory outcome of the problem. However, if you have good reasons to believe that your complaint has not been investigated properly, you can appeal for a further review to be undertaken.

To do this you must explain your reasons fully, setting out why you do not consider the previous investigation was carried out properly. You cannot just appeal for the sake of it or because you do not like the result of the previous investigation.

Your appeal must be made within 20 working days of the date of our final letter responding to your original complaint.

Your appeal for a further review of your complaint will be passed to our deputy monitoring officer who will review the facts and decide whether or not there are grounds to support a further review of your complaint.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be advised within 20 working days of its receipt the reasons for this decision.

If your appeal is accepted, a member of our corporate leadership team who has not previously been involved in the case will undertake a further investigation. This corporate management group member will try to give you a full response within 20 working days of receipt, but where more time is required you will be notified. The decision made by the member of the corporate management group will be final.