Voter ID FAQs

What if my appearance has changed on my photo ID?

If you look totally different on your ID it would be wise to request a Local Elector Card (by 5pm on Wednesday 1 May) to verify your identity.

Can I use a poll card as ID?

No, it must be an approved form of photographic ID.

What happens if I forget or lose my ID on the day?

Apart from Local Elector Card holders, all other electors will have to exit the polling station to find it or get another form of ID from home. If you do not have anything else to prove your identity you will be unable to vote.

Can I get a Local Elector Card on the day?

No, Local Elector Cards applications will not be accepted after 5pm on Wednesday 1 May. It is imperative to get your application in before then as you will not be issued with one after the deadline.

Is this trial legal?

Yes, the government passed a law allowing the pilot will take place.

We are told Voter ID will help prevent electoral fraud. Do we have fraud in Woking?

Eventually all councils, whether with a history of fraud or not, will have a system of verifying identity in polling stations. Woking is trialling to ensure the system works for all.

My name is different on my photo ID to the electoral register, what should I do?

If in any doubt about whether your identification will be accepted, please talk to a member of the elections team for clarification on 01483 755 855.

Will my postal vote be affected?

You do not need to show identification to cast your postal vote.

I don’t want to risk losing my passport, can I bring a photocopy?

Whatever form of ID you bring must be the original, no copies.

What if I lose my Local Elector Card?

We recommend you keep your Local Elector Card as safe as you would any other form of official identification. However, in this eventuality, please talk to polling station staff when you arrive to vote, who will be able to help you.

Can I use an expired driving licence or passport?

Yes, as long as the photo is still a good likeness.

My passport and driving licence show the wrong address, is this ok?

Yes, as long as the photo is still a good likeness. The photo ID is to check your identity not your address.

How much money will the Local Elector Card set me back?

It is free to obtain and photos can be sent via email or taken by us at the Civic Offices, you do not have to pay for printed passport photos.

I am unable to leave the house by myself, how will I get a Local Elector Card?

If you or someone you know cannot access the internet to apply online, please get in touch and we will see how we can best assist you. Phone: 01483 755 855.

So you are saying that I might be turned away from the polling station if I don’t produce the correct ID?

Yes, you will definitely be refused a ballot paper if you are not able to provide correct photo ID at your polling station before 10pm on Thursday 2 May.

Why is Woking taking part and no other boroughs nearby?

Because we were one of a number of local authorities who took the opportunity to participate when it was offered by Cabinet Office.

Why are you doing this?

The trials are being conducted to identify the exact impact of voter ID, including its cost, before it is introduced nationally. The additional costs will be funded by the Cabinet Office.

I would like my identity checked in private, is this possible?

Yes, we will have areas for electors who wish to have their identity checked in private and polling stations will have male and female staff on hand.

Am I eligible to vote in these elections?

All British citizens and those of Commonwealth and EU member states are entitled to vote in the local elections.

How do I find out where my polling station is?

Details are on your polling card.

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How do I find out about the election candidates?

A list of candidates for the borough elections will be available on the website on Thursday 4 April 2019. For more information about each candidate, please contact the individual parties.

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I am voting for someone by proxy, whose ID do I bring?

You bring your ID, not the ID of the person you are voting on behalf of.

How do I complain about this trial?

You will need to contact our elections team to complain. The Electoral Commission will also undertake an independent evaluation of the pilot.

Will Voter ID not just disenfranchise people?

We think voter ID will help build public confidence in voting. We want voters to be able to apply for a free Voting Card, as in Northern Ireland, and we have found little evidence that this presents difficulties for people in terms of accessibility.

Will it be fair for registered voters to be turned away, if they fail to bring the right ID required only in their local area?

Returning Officers running elections in pilot areas are communicating the requirements to all voters in the run up to polling day. If anyone is unable to vote we will consider this as a key element in our statutory evaluation.

Will disabled voters be affected negatively?

Returning Officers for pilot areas have actively considered how the ID requirements will impact on different groups of people and they should have reflected this in both their pilot arrangements and their public awareness campaigns.

Can the Electoral Commission stop the pilots?

The government passed a law meaning the pilot will take place. The decision to take part in this voter ID pilot was one made by us (Woking Borough Council) and Cabinet Office. You can talk to us in the first instance about our role in the pilot.