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Current aggregates site and access road

Why can’t the current access arrangements for Day Aggregates be maintained?

Surrey County Council (the highways authority) alongside WSP (the Victoria Arch widening highways design consultant), have assessed the potential for keeping the Day Aggregates access road in its current location. 

The results show a number of challenges which make this difficult to deliver. These challenges include:

  • The need to lower the existing road level by approximately 1.2 metres. 
  • The need to build new retaining wall structures. 
  • Reduced visibility for site traffic in and out of the existing access road.
  • The need for traffic control measures at this junction which will impact on traffic flow. 
  • Achieving the objective of improved and safer pedestrian and cyclist flow across the access road.
  • The traffic/transport capacity constraints at the proposed new junction of Guildford Road/Victoria Road/existing Day Aggregates access.

What is the estimated number of vehicles accessing the Day Aggregates site per day?

The traffic generated by Day Aggregates has been collected through traffic surveys. This data is currently being collated and it will be included in the planning application submission. 

Members of the public will be able to view the applications, including the associated surveys and assessments, once they have been submitted to and validated by the local planning authority. A formal public consultation period will then follow and allow members of the public to formally comment on the applications. 

Why can’t Day Aggregates relocate somewhere that is not in a town centre residential area?

(Response provided by Network Rail, the site landowner)

The Day Aggregates yard in Woking provides vital supplies of quarry products to the construction industry. Network Rail has investigated if the yard can be relocated and concluded that there are no viable options or alternative locations to the site, which imports around 300 train loads of materials every year.

Why are there statutory safeguards on maintaining access and the operation of Day Aggregates? How does this relate to the 2011 Surrey Minerals Core Strategy Development Plan?

(Response provided by Surrey County Council)

The Days Aggregate yard is safeguarded for use as a rail aggregate depot under Policy MC6: Safeguarding Mineral Resources and Development and Policy MC16: Rail Aggregate Depots of the Surrey County Council's Minerals Plan 2011 Core Strategy Development Plan Document

It plays an important role in the importation of aggregate into the county, especially crushed rock and marine aggregate.