We are committed to creating a contemporary and sustainable 'Garden Suburb' that will provide high quality homes, improved open green spaces and superb new leisure and community facilities.

This will create a stronger and more sustainable community by attracting new families and commercial enterprise to live and invest within the area. We will create a well connected, aspirational and popular destination that will encourage residents to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle, whilst offering improved employment, recreational and retail opportunities.

We will achieve this through enhanced community, leisure, recreational and play facilities including swimming pools and a gym, new community and youth centre, enhanced nursery facilities, a health centre, improved and accessible public spaces, retail opportunities, improved pedestrian and cycling routes, car parking and transport connections.

Our plans also seek to promote opportunities for local people in securing employment and training opportunities in the area during the lifetime of the development and beyond.

Virtual walk-through

ThamesWey's StoryMap aims to help explain and visualise life in the regenerated Sheerwater. This StoryMap should be considered illustrative, but is as accurate as possible to current designs.

Interactive story map