Woking Town Centre Masterplan

In 2021, we committed to preparing a newly defined town centre masterplan for Woking to help steer future development in partnership with local communities.

The masterplan will establish an overarching vision for Woking Town Centre that will enable sustainable development including new homes, a thriving retail and business environment, as well as strengthening Woking’s cultural and recreational offer.

It will provide a long-term vision of what Woking could look like by 2030 and beyond by working with residents and key stakeholders.

Informed by robust evidence and wide community engagement, the masterplan will set out detailed standards and principles that deliver the shared vision of Woking Town Centre, such as building heights and density.

Public engagement to date

Engagement on the masterplan began late last summer with seven virtual workshops held with Woking Residents' Panel members seeking their views on the current development of Woking Town Centre and their aspirations for the future. Meetings were also held with key employers and other stakeholders to understand their future needs and wants for a prosperous future.

Feedback from this phase of engagement revealed that:

  • Woking has great transport connectivity, in particular the proximity to airports and motorways, access to London and Guildford and its rail network.
  • Residents really appreciated Woking’s proximity to the countryside and green, natural spaces in and around the town.
  • Activities that take place in Jubilee Square and other town centre events are highly regarded.
  • Concerns raised about the impact of new housing on the capacity on infrastructure, in particular education, healthcare and the highway network.
  • Infrastructure should be planned and aligned with the growth of housing and other development in the town centre.
  • Concern raised around dwelling mix and height of development (tall buildings) - new flats are aimed at young people, not families.
  • Concern that a low proportion of the new dwellings will be affordable and that the definition of ‘affordable housing’ isn’t affordable.
  • There’s a need to protect the heritage assets of the area.
  • Developments should be accessible to all users, including disabled users.

These comments, and many like them, will inform the nature and type of masterplan that is prepared.

Next steps

The outline timetable is for a draft of the masterplan to be considered by the Local Development Framework (LDF) working group by end of May/early June and the Executive at its meeting on 16 June 2022. A further series of community and stakeholder engagements and consultations will begin following agreement by the Executive.

We are keen to make sure that the masterplan is ‘our plan’, one that all key stakeholders have a stake in its preparation and delivery of its outcomes. 

The neighbourhood forums, local residents, residents associations', neighbouring authorities, local businesses and statutory consultees will all be positively and actively engaged. Information about the draft will be well publicised to give everyone the opportunity to comment.

The outcome of the consultation will inform a final version of the masterplan. It is anticipated that the masterplan will be completed in September 2022.

Information about the next consultation will be published on this webpage.