Annual canvass: Canvassers to start visiting households


Friday, 20 October, 2023

Representatives, working on behalf of Woking Borough Council, will start visiting households that have yet to respond to this year’s annual canvass communications.

Over the last couple of months, the Council has contacted every property in the borough, via post or email, to find out if there has been any changes to the household’s occupants and invite new residents to register to vote

The final stage of the canvass will start on Saturday 28 October until Thursday 23 November when representatives (known as ‘canvassers’) will visit non-responding households on weekdays between 9am to 7pm and weekends between 10am to 6pm. 

If a canvasser visits, only one person from the household will be asked to complete the annual canvass form. The canvasser will also provide advice on how to fill in the form correctly. If no-one is at home, they will leave a form to complete and instructions on how to return the form to the Council as quickly as possible.

It is a legal requirement for the Council to visit non-responding households and all canvassers will identify themselves by wearing a Woking Borough Council photo ID badge.

Julie Fisher, Woking Borough’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “With local borough elections taking place on Thursday 2 May and the potential for a general election at some point in the next year, it is important that everyone who is eligible to vote is registered on the electoral register. 

“In particular, people who have moved home in recent months are encouraged to take part in the canvass and check who is registered to vote at their new address.”

Read more information about the annual canvass and how to register to vote