Coronavirus update: car parks and on-street parking

We've made temporary changes to our parking services, including free of charge parking in Council-owned car parks and relaxed rules for residents.

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Coronavirus information

The Civic Offices are closed to the public. We're continuing to deliver services to the community. For Council service updates, national guidance and how to contact us, click the link below.

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About car park season tickets

Service update: We've made temporary changes to our parking operations.

All council owned car parks are open and parking is free of charge until further notice.

All existing permit holders will have their permits automatically extended to cover the period where parking is provided for free.

We are not processing new car park applications until further notice.

Our civil enforcement officers are enforcing anti-social parking which impacts public safety.

These changes are in response to the Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing and essential services only requirements. In line with national policy, we have adjusted our normal working practices and service delivery until further notice. The majority of our services remain operational and we are prioritising vulnerable residents.

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Subject to availability, we offer monthly, quarterly and annual season ticket parking at the following car parks.

Quarterly and annual season ticket parking for :

A season ticket allows the named holder to access and exit their nominated car park and park their registered vehicle in that car park every day, including weekends and bank holidays, up to and including its expiry date.

Season tickets paid by direct debit begin on the 1st of the month and are available for annual permits only. Permits may be cancelled at the end of a month, for which there is an administration fee of £25. However, the permit may be returned prior to this.

Each season ticket holder is issued a windscreen permit or a proximity card. Proximity cards are issued for car parks with entrance and exit barriers. These are back up access cards, if the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system fails.