On-street controlled parking zones

From 1 April 2023, Surrey County Council will be responsible for on-street parking. Find out more about the changes.

Controlled parking zones (CPZ) are areas where on-street parking is subject to restrictions. There are controlled parking zones covering multiple areas within Woking, West Byfleet and Brookwood.

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Yellow lines or designated parking bays indicate where parking is prohibited or permitted during the CPZ operating hours. The times when the restrictions apply are on the CPZ entry signs on the way into the zone.

As these are zone wide restrictions there will not necessarily be individual time plates on each parking spot except when a different restriction is in place in a particular location within the CPZ.

Outside of the CPZ operating times, you can park on a single yellow line or in a bay without payment although drivers should never park where it would endanger or inconvenience pedestrians or other road users.