On-street resident parking permits

Woking borough residents can apply for a 12-month on-street parking permit. If you require more than one permit, you will need to complete and submit a separate application form for each vehicle.

A permit cost £50 for the first vehicle and £75 for each additional vehicle.

Since 1 November 2022, Surrey County Council have increased the permit charges to:

  • £80 for the first vehicle in a household
  • £100 for the second vehicle in a household
  • £130 for any additional permits in a household

These prices will apply to any new or renewed permits with a start date on or after 1 November 2022.

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Who can apply

Residents parking permits are only available to residents living within the Woking, Maybury (Eve and Arnold Road only), Brookwood and West Byfleet controlled parking zones (excluding certain apartment developments) who own a vehicle and who do not have an adequate number of private, off-street parking spaces. For example, a household with two cars but only one off-street parking space would be eligible for one permit.

Online applications take a minimum of two working days to process.

Who cannot apply

On-street permits are not available for residents of:

  • Woking controlled parking zone 1, except Ferndale Road and The Grove, the residents of which are issued with permits to allow them to park in those two roads only.
  • Metro Apartments and Birchwood Court in Woking controlled parking zone 3.
  • West Byfleet Central controlled parking zone, except certain residents of Lavender Park Road, who are issued with permits to allow them to park in that road only.
  • Apartments in Woking and West Byfleet where permits are not currently issued and where there is off-street parking provided within the development (even though for just one vehicle).
  • Privately owned roads within a controlled parking zone.
  • Roads that are in a controlled parking zone but not subject to parking controls.

View a map of our controlled parking zones

We do not issue permits for Woking and West Byfleet town centres. However, you may be able to apply for a resident discounted 24-hour car park permit for use at one of the town centre car parks or an off-peak car park permit.

If you would like to enquire about the eligibility of a property, please email onstreet@woking.gov.uk or phone 01483 743 825.

How to apply

You will need:

  • a copy of your vehicle registration document (V5C), ensuring you show the section with your vehicle details and your name and address
  • proof of residency for the zone you are applying for
  • credit or debit card.

Accepted proof of residency would be a Council Tax reference if you are the person who pays the bill. Alternatively, use a document with your name and address and dated within the last three months, such as a:

  • utility bill
  • bank statement
  • letter from your pension provider or the NHS.

If you have just moved, we can accept a letter from your solicitor or landlord.

If you drive a company vehicle proof of ownership can be in the form of a letter from your manager on headed stationery confirming your exclusive use of the vehicle.

If you have just changed your car or moved to a new house and you’re waiting for a new vehicle registration document from the DVLA, please send us copy of the new owner slip or the completed change of address section with your permit application.

Apply for a resident on-street parking permit

It's important to note that your permit will only be valid once you have received a notification from us confirming that your application has been approved.

If you park within the controlled parking zone prior to your application being approved, you will need to purchase an on-street parking voucher or a visitor parking permit. By not doing so, you will be liable to receive a penalty charge notice.

Using and making changes to your on-street permit

Permits are only valid for the controlled parking zone where you live. They are not transferable to other zones.

If you change your vehicle you need to return the original permit and apply for a replacement at a cost of £15. If you are unable to return the permit, it will be considered as a new application and the full payment of either £50 or £75 will be charged. For change of vehicle requests please contact 01483 743825. Short term loan cars can be covered by a temporary permit at no cost if you tell us in advance by emailing onstreet@woking.gov.uk.

You can surrender your permit by returning it to us at the address below. We will refund any unused months minus an administration charge of £25. Remember to send us your bank details for payment via BACS.

Please return your permit to: Parking permits team, Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking GU21 6YL.

Short term on-street permits

Short term on-street permits valid for three or six months are available to residents who have temporarily lost the use of their driveway, for example, due to building works. Please note short term permits are not renewable or changeable. Therefore, please make sure you request the full duration required. To find out if you're eligible for a short term permit, please email us your full name, address and the reason you require a short term permit. 

Email: onstreet@woking.gov.uk

Once we have reviewed your enquiry, we will contact you to let you know the outcome. If your enquiry is successful, please apply online for an on-street permit.

More information

View on-street parking regulations


For more information about parking permits, please phone our parking services team.

Phone: 01483 743 825