Camberley controlled parking zone (CPZ)

What is a controlled parking zone (CPZ)?

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area extensively covered with yellow line restrictions and parking places. Zone entry and exit signs, stating the general terms of the parking control, are placed at all points where motor vehicles enter the controlled parking zone.

These restrictions apply across the whole zone, so there may not be individual time plates on each parking spot, except when a different restriction is in place in a particular location within the zone.

How do parking controls help?

There is a high demand for parking in Camberley which often exceeds available space. The objectives of the Camberley control parking zone are:

  • To avoid danger to other road users from parked vehicles.
  • To provide adequate passage for all road users, relative to the type of road.
  • To regulate parking of vehicles.
  • To ensure a fair distribution of suitable on-street space between the various users.
  • To reduce street clutter by removing the need to display many signs that all advise the same restriction.

What area is covered?

The area covered by the controlled parking zone is shown on the map below, marked with a dashed line.

View the Camberley controlled parking zone map

Parking control is monitored and enforced from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Outside of the controlled parking zone operating times, you can park on a single yellow line or in a bay without payment. It is important to note that drivers should never park where it could endanger or inconvenience pedestrians, local residents or other road users. If this is the case, a penalty charge notice (PCN) will be issued which carries a fine. 

Within the controlled parking zone, parking (where permitted) is either unlimited, subject to a maximum of 30 minutes, or to 1 or 2 hours stays, as shown by signs in the street next to the parking bays. The map above shows where these restrictions are enforced. All parking remains free of charge at present, although Surrey County Council has announced that charging for on-street parking is being considered.

Please note that parking controls apply to the Camberley zone on a bank holiday, if the public holiday falls on the usual day of parking control - 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Who enforces the restrictions?

All parking restrictions are enforced by Woking Borough Council, on behalf of Surrey County Council.

When was it introduced?

The controlled parking zone was introduced in 1999 with a number of amendments.

Resident permit schemes

Some residents within the controlled parking zone are entitled to apply for resident permits which will allow them to park in specific bays in their street. Please note resident bays may also be shared use for public short-term parking. The parking orders listed below state that only certain residents of the following roads may be able to apply for a permit.

  • A30 London Road and A30 Service Road
  • Firwood Drive
  • France Hill Drive
  • Gordon Road
  • Grand Avenue
  • Heatherley Road
  • High Street Camberley
  • Middle Gordon Road
  • Obelisk Way
  • Park Lane
  • Portesbery Road
  • Southwell Park Road
  • St Georges Road

Partridge Close in Frimley and Valroy Close in Camberley have different controlled parking zones, but the same hours of operation apply.

Residents of any road, except those listed above, will not be able to apply for a residential permit. Where permits are allowed, a maximum of two permits may be issued to each household, subject to availability of off-street parking spaces. Residential eligibility criteria is applied to all applications.

Read more about visitor permits (registration is required)

Disabled parking

The location of on street disabled bays in Camberley Town Centre are as follows:

Camberley High Street – 10 bays

Middle Gordon Road – 1 bay

Park Street – 4 bays (2 at each end of the pedestrianised area)

St Georges Road – 3 bays

Upper Gordon Road – 1 bays

There are also ample options in each of the Camberley town centre car parks. Please note these are not run by Woking Borough Council.

How can I get more information about controlled parking zones?

Read sections 238 to 252 of the Highway Code