Assets of community value

Local groups have the right to nominate a building or other land, known as 'assets', which has recently been, or is currently used, to further social wellbeing and interests of the local community, and could continue to do so in the future.

Assets of community value might include:

  • village shops
  • pubs
  • community centres
  • children’s centres
  • allotments
  • libraries.

If a listed asset comes up for sale, the Localism Act 2011 gives community interest groups the chance to delay the sale for up to six months so that they can prepare to bid for it. After this six-month period, the owner is free to sell to whoever they want at whatever price they choose. The right covers private as well as public assets.

Who can nominate?

Several community organisations can nominate assets to be listed including:

  • parish councils
  • neighbourhood forums
  • unconstituted community groups of at least 21 members
  • charities

These organisations must have a local connection, so that their activities are concerned with the local area.

The nomination process

Nomination forms must be completed and returned to us with sufficient evidence to support the application. 

When we receive a nomination, we have eight weeks to decide whether or not it meets the criteria. Owners of these assets have the right to appeal the decision.

The asset will then be placed on a list of successful and unsuccessful nominations on our website.

If successfully nominated, the asset will remain on the list for five years after which the protection will expire. 

If the owner wishes to sell it during this period, they must advise us and we will then inform the relevant community groups. The groups will then have an initial period of six weeks to consider if they want to express an interest in bidding for the asset. 

If a community group wishes to proceed, a six-month ‘moratorium’ (stoppage of existing activities) is placed on the sale to allow the group to raise funds.

How to apply

Read the procedure document before completing the nomination form

Complete the nomination form

Property or landDecision
Byfleet Fire Station, ByfleetRejected
The Star Inn, Wych Hill, WokingDeclined
The Star Inn, Wych Hill, WokingRejected on review
The Anchor Public House, KnaphillRejected on review
Sheerwater Recreation Ground, SheerwaterAccepted
The Anchor Public House, KnaphillRejected on review 
West Byfleet Recreation Ground, West ByfleetAccepted


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