Apply for Housing Benefit

To make a claim for help with your rent, please note that from 15 May 2019, new claims for Housing Benefit can only be accepted if:

  • Where you and your partner are of state pension age, if unsure, please check online.
  • You are living in council-allocated ‘temporary’ or private ‘supported’ accommodation. If unsure, please contact the benefits department.

Otherwise, you need to claim Universal Credit.

Remember that you still need to claim Council Tax Support if you have a Council Tax liability. You can claim online for Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit.

This form is for new claims only.

Apply for Housing Benefit 

In certain circumstances we may agree to provide extra help with housing costs. This is not a benefit payment and it is called a discretionary housing payment.

Information required to support your claim

Before your claim can be assessed you need to provide us with some supporting evidence (printed proof). This differs depending on the type of claim you are making. 

Once you have completed our online form, please provide all the evidence requested in our email receipt within one month. 

If more evidence is required, we will write to you separately. The requested evidence should be sent to us within the time period outlined. If you are unable do this, you should contact us and tell us the reason for the delay and when you can provide the evidence to us.

If you do not reply, your claim may be withdrawn. If you then wish to reapply, a new form may be required, which in most cases will be assessed from the Monday following receipt of your new application.

If we’re over paying you your claim will be suspended until we have the new evidence needed to reassess your award.

Tell us if your circumstances have changed

Set up an online account to see your claim details online

Examples of acceptable evidence

Capital (money held in bank accounts, investments and properties held under your names)

  • Full bank or building society statement covering the last two full months showing details of all credits and debits and the current balance.
  • Account passbooks showing name, account number the last two months transactions.
  • Letter from bank or building society detailing accounts held, account numbers, account balances and transactions for the last two months.
  • Documents showing proof of ownership, for example share certificates.

Benefits/Tax Credits

  • All pages of a recent award letter showing current rates.
  • Letters issued to you by Benefit Agency.    

Earned income

  • Five weekly, three fortnightly or two monthly up-to-date consecutive wage slips.

Other income

  • Latest payment slips
  • Latest award notice
  • Latest Student Loan Award Letter
  • Court orders
  • Latest Child Support Agency notices
  • Letter from absent parent confirming maintenance payments made.

Self-employed earned income

  • Certified accounts drawn up by an accountant.
  • Our completed self-employed sheet together with either bank statements showing income and expenditure or your latest tax assessment or invoices and receipts.

If you are newly self-employed, please tell us the nature of your business and provide an estimate of what your income will be for the first three months. Please show income projections and receipts as evidence.

Pension contributions

  • Policy document or annual statement showing payments made.
  • Payslip showing the amount of pension paid via your salary.

Child care costs

  • Letter from your registered child minder showing the amount you pay for child care costs. (This letter should show your child minders registration number.)
  • Letter from after school club.

How to supply the information to us 

Upload your supporting documents - upload here.

Send us your supporting documents by post.  We will copy them and return them to you.

Alternatively, with a prebooked appointment you can bring your documents in to the Civic Offices.

If you need help with the form or evidence, please contact us.

If you have any questions regarding the evidence required or to book an appointment, please contact the Housing Benefit section.

Others forms to support your claim

Download and print these forms to help you apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction. If you have any questions about the forms, or the information you need to give, please contact us.

Evidence of rent form 
If you do not have a tenancy agreement and need to provide evidence of your rent, ask your landlord to complete this form.

Second property valuations

Complete form LA1 if you solely own a second property

Complete form LA2 if you have shared ownership of a second property

Landlord consent form
Give permission for us to discuss your claim with your landlord. 

Application for Council Tax support discretionary payment
Extra payments if you are struggling financially.

Self-employed earnings sheet
Provide details of your self-employed income and expenditure.