Moving out of a business

If you are moving out of a business within Woking borough you will need to let us know. This should be around a month before you leave the property.

What we will need from you

  • your business rates account number which is on your bill
  • your contact details
  • the date your tenancy ends or the sale is completed on the property
  • the date you are moving out of the property
  • name and address of the property owner or agent (if you had taken on the lease) or new owners if possible (if selling)
  • a copy of your notice of surrender or proof of your tenancy end date
  • your forwarding address for the closing bill (if paper billing) and to close the account

Once you have notified us, your closing bill will be sent to you and will detail what is left outstanding on the account.

If you had a direct debit set up, you can cancel this through your bank or building society as soon as you have notified us.

Tell us you're moving out of a business