Charities, community amateur sports clubs and not for profit organisations

Mandatory relief

Properties which are occupied by registered charities, or trustees of a registered charity, and are completely or mainly used for charitable purposes are entitled to an 80% reduction in business rates. 

In some instances a charity may be exempt from registration and can also qualify for this relief.

Similarly, properties occupied by registered community amateur sports clubs are entitled to 80% relief on business rates if the property is completely or mainly used by the club. To be considered for this relief, community amateur sports clubs must first register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Relief can be granted to charity shops if all or most of what it sells is donated goods, and the money raised is used by the charity.

How to apply

Apply for mandatory relief

Discretionary relief

Organisations established or conducted as not for profit, whose main objectives are charitable, philanthropic, religious, or concerned with education, social welfare, science, literature or the fine arts, may qualify for discretionary business rates relief in exceptional circumstances.

We have the discretion to remit all or part of the remaining 20% not covered by the 80% mandatory relief awarded to charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs).

How to apply

Apply for discretionary relief

Important information

  • Any organisations which are set up for charitable or amateur sports purposes, but not officially registered as such, must explain why they are not registered as charities or community amateur sports clubs. 
  • Discretionary rate relief to any unregistered organisation will only be offered in extenuating circumstances, if there is an evidence based, proven business case. 

View our discretionary business rates relief policy

What happens next

Notification about the outcome of the decision will be provided in writing, or via email, within 14 days of the decision being made.

There is no formal right of appeal as this relief is discretionary.

Important payment information

  • Applying for relief does not entitle you to withhold payments on your account. You must continue to pay your business rates as billed.
  • Recovery action will be taken if your payments are not up to date.