Foodbanks and ways to reduce your food costs

Local foodbanks

There are a few foodbanks based within the borough which can help support you if you are finding it difficult to buy food. 

Ways to reduce your food costs

ShopWise store, Sheerwater

Based just off Blackmore Crescent in Sheerwater, ShopWise is a store stocked with food items which for various reasons - think wonky veg and imperfect packaging - didn’t make it onto the supermarket shelves and would otherwise be chucked away.

The shop is open to anyone who wants to help save the planet, cut food waste and pick up a basket of goods for a great price.

Follow @FoodWiseTLC on Facebook and Twitter for store opening hours, latest deliveries, and recipe ideas.

Surrey Environment Partnership: reducing your food waste

Surrey Environment Partnership provides information on how you can save money by: 

BBC Good Food: cooking on a budget

BBC Good Food has lots of recipe ideas for cooking on a budget.