Other financial benefits, allowances and payments

Every year, millions of UK households miss out on benefits they are eligible for, up to the value of £15 billion. Even if you are in full time employment, you may be entitled to benefits. 

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Housing benefit

Housing benefit is a national welfare benefit administered by local councils. It is designed to help people on low incomes in rented accommodation. 

How much you get will depend on your income and capital (money held in bank accounts, investments and properties held in your name), plus your partner's if you have one. It will also depend on who else lives with you and what their ages and incomes are.

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Council Tax discounts, reductions and exemptions

There are a number of Council Tax discounts, reductions and exemptions available for those who meet certain criteria, including those who live alone, those with a disability and those on low income. 

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Discretionary housing payments

If you are on certain benefits you may be eligible for discretionary housing payments which provide financial support to help with rent or housing costs.

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Other financial allowances and payments

There are also a number of allowances and payments you may be eligible for depending on your personal circumstances:

  • If you care for someone for at least 35 hours a week, you could be eligible for carer’s allowance
  • If you are a home-owner, you might be eligible for help towards paying interest payments on mortgages and house loans through support for mortgage interest
  • If you have a disability that requires someone to look after you, you could be eligible for attendance allowance
  • If you have a disability or health condition that affects how much you can work, you could be eligible for employment and support allowance

Help for residents with disabilities

As well as carer’s allowance and attendance allowance, there are many alternative routes through which you can receive financial support as someone with a disability. Citizens Advice can help you identify your financial support options.

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The government offers a range of disability-related benefits, grants and concessions.

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If you are raising a child with disabilities, Family Fund can help you to understand what financial support you are eligible for and offer a range of grants.

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Sustainable warmth grant for residents living in hard to heat homes and on lower income

Grants of up to £25,000 are now available for eligible Surrey residents to help make their homes warmer and more energy efficient.  

Residents living in hard to heat homes and on lower incomes, could receive grants between £10,000 and £25,000 to improve insulation and instal renewable technology – helping to save energy, reduce emissions and combat rising energy prices. Improvement measures include loft insulation, cavity and external wall insulation, underfloor insulation and renewables, such as solar electricity panels. 

Funding totalling £11.9 million has been awarded through central government to Surrey County Council, leading on behalf of the local authorities across the county. The project will be delivered and managed by Action Surrey – an energy efficiency advice service set up in partnership with all Surrey local authorities. 

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Alternatively, you can speak to an Action Surrey advisor on 0800 783 2503.