Councillors' code of conduct

We have adopted the Local Government Association's (LGA) Councillor Code of Conduct 2020 to ensure high standards in the way councillors (also known as members) undertake their duties.

View our councillors' code of conduct

Our standards protocols

On 8 April 2021, we resolved that compliance of standards protocols is required to follow the Local Government Association’s model code of conduct.

Breaching the standards protocols could constitute a breach of the model code.

We have formally adopted two standards protocols.

Protocol for complaints submitted by members

This protocol applies to complaints submitted, under the members’ code of conduct, by a member against another member.

Read the protocol for complaints submitted by members

Protocol for members’ access to confidential information of council-owned companies

This protocol applies to members’ access to the confidential information of council-owned companies. Such information includes, but is not limited to, confidential board papers and confidential information imparted at board meetings.

Read the protocol for members’ access to confidential information of council-owned companies

How we manage standards allegations

Under Sections 28(6) and (7) of the Localism Act 2011, we must have arrangements in place to manage, investigate and make decisions on allegations that a member, or co-opted member, has failed to comply with our code of conduct.

Read the arrangements for dealing with allegations of misconduct by councillors

Make a complaint about a councillor

If you feel that a councillor has failed to follow the code and wish to make a complaint, please outline your complaint including any relevant evidence, to our Monitoring Officer.


Write to:
Monitoring Officer
Woking Borough Council
Civic Offices
Gloucester Square
GU21 4ND

Complaints about council services

If your complaint is about our services and not specifically about a councillor, please use the complaints page.

Visit our complaints page

Contact us

For further information, please contact the council's Monitoring Officer.