Complaints and unreasonable behaviour investigations

Officers investigate complaints through our internal complaints policy.

At any time during a complaint’s journey through the internal procedure, a complainant has the right to contact their local councillor, MP or the ombudsman, who may decide to investigate the complaint.

During the course of a complaint’s investigation or following its conclusion, our officers may conclude that they are dealing with an unreasonable complainant if they meet one or more of the characteristics outlined above.

In such cases the matter will be referred to the monitoring officer who will decide whether or not to classify the complainant as unreasonable. The monitoring officer will write to the complainant to explain the reason for the decision.

The monitoring officer will record the details in a register and review the decision after 12 months.

The monitoring officer will write to the complainant to tell them if they have been removed from the register or if they will remain on the register for a further 12 months, when a further review shall be carried out.