Customer complaints

We seek to provide high quality and value for money services to our residents and customers. However, as with any complex organisation, sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens, we will try to put things right and correct any mistakes.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction. It might relate to:

  • a failure to deliver a service
  • a delay in providing a service
  • a poor quality of service
  • a failure of staff to comply with our policies
  • the conduct or behaviour of a member of our staff.

Not everything is considered to be a complaint. For example, a first time request for a service, or a request for information, or an explanation of our policy. Similarly, if you simply disagree with a decision made by us it does not constitute a complaint.

This complaints procedure will not apply to correspondence received in respect of applications for planning permission and the merits of the application. These will be treated as objections to the planning permission in question.

This complaints procedure will not apply to matters that have their own appeals and/or adjudication processes. In these instances you will be advised how to take your complaint further.

We expect complaints to be made in a timely manner and will not, except in exceptional circumstances, consider complaints in respect of a matter that is over one year old.