Emergency planning

Surrey is a safe place to live and work. Fortunately, disasters are rare, but we do have to be prepared for them. Emergencies can happen at any time and anywhere.

Major emergency incidents in Surrey

Across the UK, emergency planning is a partnership between area emergency responders (emergency services, local authorities, Environment Agency, NHS, highways and rail authorities, and utility companies), residents and businesses.

Surrey’s response to major emergencies is coordinated by Surrey Local Resilience Forum using Surrey's Major Incident Plan. This is a plan which has been planned, documented and tested by forum members.

Within Surrey’s Major Incident Plan, Woking Borough Council is listed as one of Surrey’s emergency responders. If a major emergency takes place within Woking Borough, we will play a key supporting role to the lead emergency service. If an emergency takes place in another part of the county, we may be required to help other Surrey local authorities manage the emergency. 

As part of the plan, Surrey Local Resilience Forum has gathered a Community Risk Register, which lists the risks that face Surrey. Each risk is given a rating which is worked out from the likelihood of an incident happening and the impact that it may have. 

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Businesses continuity planning during an emergency

Successful businesses are essential to the economy and well-being of Woking and wider Surrey. We work with Surrey Local Resilience Forum and the Chambers of Commerce to help local businesses develop their business continuity plans in the event of an emergency. 

Business continuity planning cannot prevent emergencies but it can prepare you, reduce the risks of unexpected shocks and help your business recover in the event of a disaster.

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