Preparing for flooding

Floods can damage your property and flood water may contain sewerage and other contaminants that are a risk to your health. You can help reduce the impact of flooding on your household by being aware of the flooding risks near your property and planning ahead.

Property owners are responsible for protecting their own properties in the event of a flood, if you’re a tenant it will be your landlord who has this responsibility.

If your home is at serious risk of flooding, we recommend having sandbags available at your property. These can be bought from local builders merchants.

Practical advice for preparing for flooding

What to do during a flood

Keep up to date

There are a number of resources available to keep you up-to-date on the latest situation and help you work out the flood risk to your property.

Returning to a flood damaged property

Only return to your property if there’s no police presence and the flood cordon has been removed.


  • Contact your building and contents insurance company. 
  • Take photos or make an appointment with your insurance assessor before tidying up and repairing any damage.

Council tenants

Private rent tenants

Check your tenancy agreement and contact your contents insurance company.