About Council Tax

Council Tax is set by local councils to help pay for local services.

Part of the money collected by Woking Borough Council each year also goes towards the services provided by Surrey County Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey. 

For 2023 to 2024, we expect to collect £95.8 million of which:

  • £11.2 million is for Woking Borough Council
  • £13.2 million for the Police and Crime Commissioner
  • £71.4 million for Surrey County Council

Council Tax bills

Your Council Tax bill is usually sent out each year in March and paid in monthly instalments. Your bill clearly sets out how much each instalment is and when it should be paid.

View a sample Council Tax bill

Normally, we split your bill into 10 instalments over a full year (April through to the following January). If your bill is issued after the end of April, the number of instalments will be reduced. 

We also offer a monthly payment option which allows you to pay a full year’s charge over 12 months. 

Apply to pay your Council Tax over 12 months

If, for any reason, the amount of your Council Tax changes during the year, for example you become entitled to a discount, you will be sent a revised bill showing the amended amount for the year and the revised instalments that you have to pay.