You may be eligible to claim a discount on your Council Tax for any of the reasons explained below. Your bill will show you if you have been granted a discount.

Single person discount

The normal Council Tax charge for a property is made on the basis that there are at least two adults (people aged 18 or over) living in the property. Where there is only one adult we give a single person discount of 25%. 


There is 50% discount for annexes that are occupied by close relatives of the owner/occupier of the main dwelling, or annexes which are being used by a resident of the other dwelling as part of their sole or main residence.

Empty home premium

The payment of Council Tax also applies to empty properties.

A property that has been empty and substantially unfurnished for 24 months or more will be subject to an empty home premium of 100% of the standard occupied charge. This will double the amount of Council Tax that has to be paid.

After five years the empty home premium will double again, meaning that you will be required to pay an additional 200% on top of you bill.

From 1 April 2021 onwards, if the property has been empty for more than 10 years the empty home premium will triple, meaning that you will be required to pay an additional 300% on top of your bill.

People disregarded (not counted) for Council Tax

Certain people can be 'disregarded' for Council Tax purposes. This means we do not count them when we are working out how many adults live in the property. This may mean you’re entitled to a single person discount of 25%. If no adults count, a discount of 50% is allowed.

The following people are disregarded for Council Tax purposes:

  • full time students 
  • student nurses, apprentices and youth training trainees
  • 18 and 19 year olds who are at, or who have just left, school
  • prisoners and other people held in detention
  • people with severe mental impairment
  • patients living in a hospital 
  • people being looked after in a care or nursing home
  • people providing or receiving care elsewhere
  • certain care workers and people providing care in the home
  • members of recognised religious communities
  • members of visiting forces and certain international institutions.

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