General fund

All other council services are provided through the general fund. There is a wide range of services which costs fall on the general fund including waste collection, payment of benefits, Woking Leisure Centre and Pool in the Park.

The day to day operational costs of running these services including staffing costs are charged to the general fund. These costs are funded from the income raised from fees and charges for using our services such as car parks, the Leisure Centre and Pool in the Park.

In addition to income from fees and charges, we act as a landlord to a number of commercial tenants and this rental income is credited to the general fund.

Some services attract specific grants and subsidies from the government. Principal amongst these is the benefits service where the government reimburses us for the cost of the actual benefits paid and contributes towards the costs of administering benefit payments.

We also receive general grants from the government in the form of business rates and revenue support grant. Finally, the Council Tax raised by us is paid into the general fund to balance it on an annual basis.

The income and expenditure charged to the housing revenue account and general fund is referred to as revenue expenditure and income. This revenue income and expenditure represents the day to day operational costs and income of our services and can be regarded as similar to your own daily household budget. We do not borrow to finance its revenue expenditure.