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Population profile

Demographic information

The population of Woking is 99,198 based on the 2011 Census, a 10.4% increase since 2001.

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Age structure

  • 19% aged 14 or under
  • 66% aged between 15 and 64
  • 15% aged 65 or over


  • 49.54% males
  • 50.46% female


There are 39,467 households in Woking (a household comprises one person living alone, or a group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address with common housekeeping - that is, sharing either a living room or sitting room or at least one meal a day). A 6.8% increase.

  • The average household size is 2.49 people
  • Households with dependant children - 31.92%
  • Households with one person only - 26.6%
  • Households with 65+ only - 19.55%
  • Households with children under 5 - 14.14%


  • 83.6% White
  • 2.35% Mixed background
  • 10.68% Asian
  • 1.39% Black or Black British
  • 0.88% Chinese
  • 1.1% Other Ethnic Group


  • 58.32% Christian
  • 23.12% no religion
  • 7.38% Muslim
  • 7.33% religion not stated
  • 1.97% Hindu
  • 0.68% Buddhist
  • 0.22% Jewish
  • 0.15% Sikh
  • 0.34% Other

Information for wards

There are 17 wards in Woking and some wards have changed significantly due to the increase of population and the increase of 3,103 newly built houses over the last 10 years.

 20012011% change
Goldsworth East732579708.81%
Goldsworth West52975135-3.06%
Hermitage and Knaphill South519353302.64%
Horsell East and Woodham4326478910.70%
Horsell West683973487.44%
Kingfield and Westfield521155767.00%
Maybury and Sheerwater89741057417.83%
Mayford and Sutton Green236924704.26%
Mount Hermon East4621521112.77%
Mount Hermon West4487605234.88%
Old Woking2644319220.73%
St Johns and Hook Heath437846566.35%
West Byfleet5054562611.32%

Mount Hermon West showed a net dwelling increase of 570 units over the 10 year period which resulted in an increase in population by nearly 34.88% and an increase in the number of households by 21.49%

Goldsworth East showed a net dwelling increase of 346 units over the 10 year period which resulted in a population increase of 8.88% and a 6.18% increase in households.

Maybury and Sheerwater showed a net dwelling increase of 332 units over the 10 year period which resulted in a population increase of 17.83% and an 8.52% increase in households.

Knaphill showed a net dwelling increase of 318 units over the 10 year period which resulted in a population increase of 15.32% and a 12.25% increase in households.