Dog fouling

If you see someone failing to pick up after their dog, report it. Dog fouling is unpleasant to look at, smells and attracts flies. It is also associated with a number of diseases.

Report dog fouling 

Fixed penalty notices (FPN) fines

It is a criminal offence not to clear up dog fouling immediately on all land, both public and private to which the public has access. 

If you are witnessed failing to clear up your dog's waste, you will be presented with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) fine. Similar to a speeding ticket, you have the option to accept the FPN fine and pay the fixed penalty of £50 within 14 days, or alternatively face prosecution in the Magistrates' Court. The maximum penalty upon conviction is currently £1,000. Registered blind people are exempt.
Find out more about fixed penalty notices fines

Clean up tips

  • Always carry a poop-scoop or bags.
  • Ensure bags are tied up before disposal. 
  • Place waste inside a dog bin.
  • Bagged waste can also go into a general waste bin.
  • If there is no bin, take waste home.

Dog waste bins

Although we are under no obligation to install dog waste bins, we do provide them generally on council owned areas of land including parks, recreation grounds, amenity greens and countryside areas to encourage people to clean up after their dogs. When no dog waste bin is available then you can place your dog waste bag in a general litter bin.

Report a dog waste bin which needs emptying

If a dog bin needs emptying, please email the Serco Helpdesk at

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