Election results 2021: Woking Borough Council

Election of borough councillors for the wards of Woking Borough Council, held on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Byfleet and West Byfleet

Election results for the Byfleet and West Byfleet ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
BROWN, JoshThe Conservative Party candidate1,301 (ELECTED)
CRAIG, JimGreen Party311
GRAVES, Peter JohnLiberal Democrats429
WILLETTS, Neil JamesIndependent1,009
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 8803
  • Ballot papers issued: 3073
  • Turnout: 34.91%


Election results for the Canalside ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
AZIZ, TahirLabour Party1,371 (ELECTED)
ROW, WillUK Independence Party (UKIP)111
SCOTT, Colin PatrickThe Conservative Party candidate931
SIKKA, AnujLiberal Democrats314
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7467
  • Ballot papers issued: 2747
  • Turnout: 36.79%

Goldsworth Park

Election results for the Goldsworth Park ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
BARKER, Ann-MarieLiberal Democrats1,329 (ELECTED)
COPE, JonnyThe Conservative Party candidate950
KETT, KateGreen Party240
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 6964
  • Ballot papers issued: 2540
  • Turnout: 36.47%


Election results for the Heathlands ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
COSNAHAN, Guy TusonLiberal Democrats1,218
DAVIS, Kevin MarkThe Conservative Party candidate1,474 (ELECTED)
SQUIRE, JudithHeritage Party - Free Speech and Liberty63
WALDING, Ella JessicaGreen Party321
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7132
  • Ballot papers issued: 3096
  • Turnout: 43.41%

Hoe Valley

Election results for the Hoe Valley ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
FORSTER, WillLiberal Democrats1,451 (ELECTED)
HEATON, MichaelHeritage Party - Free Speech and Liberty59
HUSSAIN, SabirLabour Party187
LAWRENCE, John FrederickThe Conservative Party candidate586
PETRIKOVA, IvicaGreen Party136
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7346
  • Ballot papers issued: 2427
  • Turnout: 33.04%


Election results for the Horsell ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
HUNWICKS, Beryl AnnThe Conservative Party candidate1,708
KIRBY, Adam JonathanLiberal Democrats2,018 (ELECTED)
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7190
  • Ballot papers issued: 3761
  • Turnout: 52.31%


Election results for the Knaphill ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
AKBERALI, Hassan BadrudinIndependent1,073
HOLMES, Nathan MatthewTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts28
HUSSAIN, SajThe Conservative Party candidate1,700 (ELECTED)
MITCHELL, GerryLabour Party252
SPENSER, TomLiberal Democrats291
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 8164
  • Ballot papers issued: 3364
  • Turnout: 41.21%

Mount Hermon

Election results for the Mount Hermon ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
HEADS, DamienHeritage Party - Free Speech and Liberty76
MURPHY, Christine Ann GeraldineGreen Party436
NICHOLSON, EllenLiberal Democrats1,611 (ELECTED)
THOMSON, Carl WilliamThe Conservative Party candidate1,137
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7825
  • Ballot papers issued: 3275
  • Turnout: 41.85%


Election results for the Pyrford ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
CHAUDHARY, Samar AkhlaqLabour Party478
CHRYSTIE, Graham GrayLiberal Democrats1,029
CLARKE, DannyGreen Party181
DORSETT, Steven James RoystonThe Conservative Party candidate1,400  (ELECTED)
JORDAN, DarylIndependent457
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7697
  • Ballot papers issued: 3565
  • Turnout: 46.32%

St John's

Election results for the St John's ward

Name of candidateDescriptionNumber of votes
MASON, Jennifer RebeccaGreen Party298
READ, TimHeritage Party - Free Speech and Liberty99
ROBERTS, Dale ShaunLiberal Democrats1,320 (ELECTED)
SMITH, Paul GrahamThe Conservative Party candidate1,124
  • Vacant seats: 1
  • Electorate: 7179
  • Ballot papers issued: 2863
  • Turnout: 39.88%

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