How to complete your postal vote

Postal votes can only be sent out once the deadline to become a candidate has passed and the ballot papers have subsequently been produced and printed. 

Step 1: When you get your postal voting papers

  • Complete your ballot papers as soon as possible
  • Put them somewhere safe.
  • Don't let anyone else handle them.
  • Make sure they are not left where someone else can pick them up.

Step 2: When you want to vote

  • Complete your ballot paper in secret, on your own.
  • Don't let anyone else vote for you.
  • Don't let anyone else see your vote.
  • Don't give the ballot paper to anyone else.
  • Put the ballot paper in the envelope and seal it up yourself.
  • Complete and sign the postal voting statement.
  • Put the postal voting statement and the envelope containing your ballot paper into the larger supplied envelope and seal it.

Step 3: When you return your postal vote

  • Take it to the post box yourself, if you can.
  • If you can't do that, either give it to somebody you know and trust to post it for you, or phone us  for more advice on what to do. 
  • Don't hand it to a candidate or party worker unless no other way is practical.
  • Don't leave it where someone else can pick it up.

Your completed postal vote must be received by us by 10pm on election day. If it arrives later than this, your vote won't be counted.

If you are unable to return your completed postal vote in advance of election day, you can drop off your postal ballot at the Woking Borough Council’s Civic Offices.