Natural Woking

Peregrine falcon. Image by James SellenBiodiversity is a critical component of a sustainable Borough. It encompasses all living things and the rich variety of habitats, species and ecosystems of which they are a part.

Biodiversity is not restricted to rare or threatened habitats and species, but includes the whole of the natural world, from the common place to the critically endangered. It is important we recognise the need for ensuring biodiversity security and protection so that future generations can benefit.

Woking Borough Council also want to promote the benefits that enjoying green spaces can bring, including to individuals' health and well-being. 'Green infrastructure' is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of natural and manmade land uses. These can be broken down into six broad categories:

Goldsworth Park

  • Biodiversity and ecology
  • Open space and recreation
  • Open countryside
  • Blue infrastructure (e.g. watercourses, ponds, lakes, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, floodplains, wetlands)
  • Food/crop growing
  • Landscape

The Council has prepared Natural Woking, a biodiversity and green infrastructure strategy for the area. This seeks positive outcomes for habitats and people, by enhancing provision and accessibility to green spaces; conserving appropriate existing biodiversity and habitats; and creating opportunities for species to return to the Borough.

For more information follow these links to read the Natural Woking Strategy, and the accompanying Natural Woking Supporting Information document.

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Images: Peregrine falcon (James Sellen), Goldsworth Park.