Drainage responsibilities

The following organisations are responsible for water management and drainage issues within Woking Borough.

Main rivers

Main rivers are the responsibility of the Environment Agency. Woking Borough is home to the following main rivers:

  • Hoe Stream
  • River Bourne (and its tributaries at Parley Brook and Knaphill Brook)
  • River Wey

Report main river problems to the Environment Agency

Woking Borough Council land

We are responsible for drainage issues on our land including recreation grounds, parks and car parks. Our contracted maintenance companies look after ditch maintenance on our behalf.

Report a council related drainage or flood risk issue

Roads, pavements and footpaths

Surrey Highways (part of Surrey County Council) is responsible for drainage issues affecting public roads, pavements and footpaths, such as blocked and broken gullies and drains, and surface water flooding (for example, resulting from heavy rainfall).

Report a highway drainage and flooding the issues

Public drains and sewers

Thames Water is responsible for drainage issues relating to broken or missing manholes, and public drains and sewers. This includes both foul water (sewage) and surface water (for example, resulting from heavy rainfall).

Phone Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 to report a problem affecting a public drain or sewer.

Private drains, watercourses and sewers

The private landowner is responsible for drainage issues relating to private drains, watercourses and sewers. 

Contact the Land Registry to find out who is the private landowner

Private landowners with an open flowing watercourse located next to (boundary) or running through their land are legally called ‘riparian owners’. 

Read more about riparian owner’s responsibilities