HMO fees and charges
Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing fees
HMO licence fee for a new application£725
Accredited landlord HMO licence fee for a new application£230
HMO licence renewal fee£525
Accredited landlord HMO licence renewal fee£230
Variation to licences including: Change of property owner, freeholder, mortgage or leaseholder details (note this does not include a change of licence holder. Licences cannot be transferred and a new application will be required
Change in number of households/occupiers/room information.
Change of licence holder£725 (new application required)
Revocation of licenceNo charge and no refund of licence fee
Late renewal (such as renewal forms received after the renewal date)£725
Replacement copied of documents£35 per document
Support with application (at council offices, one hour support)£44
Advisory inspection on request by the landlord (for example prior to licence application)£135
No access for arranged visit (provided at least 24 hours notice was given to the landlord /agent by the council)£85 (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
Enforcement charges
Notices and orders issued including: Improvement notice, Prohibition order, Demolition order, Emergency prohibition order and Suspended notices and orders£525 (fee per notice or order)
Emergency remedial action£525 plus the cost of the works*
Works carried out in default of a noticeVaried*
Revocation of notices and ordersNo charge

* The charge for repairs undertaken by us will vary depending on the work being undertaken. The charge is based on an hourly rate, plus the cost of materials for the work being undertaken with a 20% administration charge added to the total amount.