Equality objectives 2024

We’re committed to celebrating diversity and promoting equality throughout our services.

Our objectives ensure that Woking is a place where people are supported to live healthy, fulfilling lives in thriving communities, particularly those most dependent on public services. 

We believe that services should be arranged around individuals, their families, carers and communities. By working in more creative ways, we can better reflect the diversity of those who need support and improve service quality in the process.

How we achieve this vision is outlined in our annual equality objectives which are monitored and reported on each year. 


  • Objective 1: Tackle victimisation, harassment and discrimination. Take reasonable steps to ensure that residents, service users and employees are not unlawfully discriminated against and take appropriate action to prevent & tackle victimisation and harassment.
  • Objective 2: Improve access to services. Take reasonable steps to ensure that services are inclusive; responsive to risk; physically accessible and provided through the most efficient and effective channels available.
  • Objective 3: Close the gap in outcomes for citizens. Take reasonable steps to improve life chances for citizens by reducing outcome gaps that may exist within the borough as well as those that may exist between the borough and elsewhere.
  • Objective 4: Increase understanding and mutual respect between communities. Take reasonable steps to build stronger communities and promote good relations, both within and between communities.
  • Objective 5: Increase participation and engagement. Take reasonable steps to remove barriers that may exist to engagement and help residents (especially those who are under-represented) to participate in local decision making and influence local decisions.
  • Objective 6: Ensure equitable employment policies and practices. Provide equality of opportunity for all its staff by ensuring its employment policies and practices, (concerning recruitment, retention, promotion, training and discipline), are designed to reflect and attract the communities that Woking serves.

Equality and wellbeing working group

This group has been established to drive forward the improvement plan, bringing together key individuals from across the council with experience and passion for the equalities agenda.

Reporting process

Our equality objectives are reviewed, updated and published annually. Progress is reported annually to the Executive in the Equalities Annual Report. This includes our workforce profile, including information on leavers, recruitment, training, promotions, disciplinary hearings and grievances.

Read the latest Equalities Annual Report