Animal welfare licensing fees and charges
Licence typeApplication fees
New application / Renewal
Grant fees
Selling animals as pets*New application: £385; Renewal: £358£210
Catteries providing or arranging boarding for catsNew application: £385; Renewal: £358£210
Kennels providing or arranging boarding for dogsNew application: £385; Renewal: £358£210
Home Boarding providing or arranging boarding for dogsNew application: £306; Renewal: £280£160
Day care for dogsNew application: £385; Renewal: £358£210
Breeding dogs*New application: £385; Renewal: £358£210
Hiring out horses (up to 10 horses)*New application: £438; Renewal: £412£238
Keeping or training animals for exhibition*New application: £385; Renewal: £358£210
Dangerous wild animals*New application: £420N/A
*additional vet fees to be recovered where applicable
Additional licence feesFee
Each additional licensable activity after greatest applicable tier is applied£162
Animal licence re-rating visit*£191
Animal advisory visit£191
Licence transfer / variation£65
Copy of licence or licence conditions£22
Hiring out horses (each additional horse over a maximum of 10)£22
Hiring out horses annual inspection£124
Hiring out horses re-rating visit*£270
*additional vet fees to be recovered where applicable

Licence fee information

Application fee

The application fee covers the application and administrative process, as well as the licence inspection. This fee is payable prior to us carrying out an inspection of your premises. This fee is non refundable should your application be refused or if you do not meet the required conditions of the licence following the inspection.

Grant fee

The grant fee covers all associated enforcement costs and includes any unannounced compliance visits during the licence period. This fee is payable after your licence inspection and prior to your licence being granted.  

Additional veterinary fees

Additional veterinary fees will be added as part of the grant fee, if necessary at the time of inspection (as per the horse riding establishments), or will be recoverable following the visit at any other time.