Charity collection permits

Charitable organisations need a permit to carry out street or house-to-house collections. 

Street collections

  • Please apply at least one month before the proposed date for the collection.
  • Licenses are valid for the day and between the hours stated on the permit.
  • There is no charge for the permit.
  • We may limit the collection to certain streets or public places.
  • All collectors must carry a collecting box.
  • All collectors stay in one place and at least 25 metres from another collector. 
  • After the collection please complete our return form detailing the amount collected, the expenses incurred and the amount collected in each box.

Read a detailed version of our street collection regulations

Apply for a street collection permit

House to house collections

A permit is also required if you wish to knock on the doors of private houses and businesses to collect money, or any other goods such as clothing, for charitable purposes.

  • A house to house collection permit can be granted for any period up to one year.
  • There is no charge for the permit.
  • As with street collections, a return form must be completed, detailing the amount and/or items collected.

Apply for a house-to-house collection permit


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