Dangerous wild animal licences

A licence is required for anybody wishing to keep a dangerous wild animal, as prescribed by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. The only time a dangerous wild animal licence is not required is if the animal is kept in a zoo, circus or pet shop.

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The licence requires the owner to keep the animal in suitable and safe conditions, for the welfare of the animal and protection of the public.

Premises must be inspected by a veterinary officer before a licence can be granted.

Licences can be refused or issued subject to specific conditions, including:

  • requirements that they will not be moved from the licensed premises (unless allowed for in the licence)
  • the licence holder must be insured against liability
  • restrictions on the species and number of animals to be kept.

If a dangerous wild animal is being kept without a licence or in contravention of a licence condition, we may seize the animal and retain it, destroy it or otherwise dispose of it.