Gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises

Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises are automatically entitled to two category C or D gaming machines. Before these machines are available for public use, you must notify us of your intention to make gaming machines available for use.

For additional category C and D gaming machines within the same premises, a permit must be applied for and granted by us.

Where a gaming machine permit authorises a specified number of gaming machines in a particular premises, this replaces, and is not in addition to, any automatic entitlement to two machines.

View the Gambling Commission’s code of practice for gaming machines in clubs and premises with an alcohol licence

View the Gambling Commission’s gaming machine categories

Permit fees

View our licensing fees and charges

There are no renewal provisions for this class of permit because they are indefinite and continue in force as long as the premises continues to have an alcohol licence, and the holder of the permit continues to hold that licence. The permit can lapse if the holder surrenders it to the licensing authority.

How to apply

Apply for additional club gaming or club machine permit(s) 

In some circumstances, an application for a licensed premises gaming machine permit may need to be referred to our Licensing Sub-Committee for determination.