Hoarding behaviours support

If you are experiencing hoarding behaviours, the new Woking hoarding protocol ensures there are measures in place to help you get the support you need. 

What is hoarding?

Hoarding is classified as a mental disorder, defined as the excessive collection and retention of materials to the point it impedes a person’s day to day functioning. As well as the more widely known hoarding of objects, such as clothes, newspapers or food, hoarding can also refer to the collection of animals or data.

Many people who hoard experience symptoms such as fear and anxiety, social isolation, extreme cluttering of their living space, and impairment to their work and social life. They can be reluctant to reach out for help due to the way others view their behaviour but there are many local organisations who can help you return to a safe and comfortable lifestyle.

Woking hoarding protocol

In order to better support those experiencing hoarding behaviours in the borough, we have developed and adopted a hoarding protocol in partnership with a number of local partnership organisations, including the North West Surrey Alliance, Surrey County Council and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

As part of the protocol, we are employing a new full-time Hoarding Project Officer funded by the North West Surrey Alliance, to support those in the borough struggling with hoarding.


For support for hoarding behaviours, please get in touch with the independent support team.

Tel: 01784 448 631

Email: hoarding@spelthorne.gov.uk