Disabled Facilities Grant

We have a statutory duty to administer Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs), which are available to help fund the cost of adaptations to homes. For example, ramps, stair lifts, wet floor showers, ground floor facilities or widening doorways.

This is a means tested scheme which will take into account your income, savings and capital owned by you and your spouse or partner. Depending on the outcome of the test, you may be required to contribute towards the cost of the works. A means test will not be conducted if you are applying on behalf of a child.

To qualify for the grant, we will organise an assessment conducted by an occupational therapist who will recommend the type of adaptations which best meet your needs.

The maximum DFG available is £30,000. If the total cost of the works, plus any fees or VAT exceed this amount, you may be required to pay the outstanding costs. Alternatively, our Homelink team may be able to help find additional funding to cover the remaining costs.

Management fees

Organising and overseeing the grant process is complex and involves a considerable amount of work for us.

Grant management fees are payable to ‘Homelink’ at the rate of 15% of the cost of the works, excluding VAT. If you’re eligible for grant funding, the fees can be included in the grant awarded.

Additional fees may be payable where a private occupational therapist assessment and/or an asbestos survey are required.

Repayment of DFG local land charge

If you receive a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) over £5,000 and you own your property, a condition of the grant will require a proportional repayment of the grant in some circumstances.

In these cases, we will register a local land charge against your property for the repayment.

Read more about local land charges

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