Discretionary housing assistance grants

In addition to the mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), our housing assistance policy offers a number of discretionary grants which provide funding for applications where the DFG may not be sufficient or appropriate to meet your needs.

Our Homelink team can advise whether you are eligible for these funding options.

Discretionary disabled facilities grant

This may be available if you are in receipt of a mandatory DFG, but require some additional aids or adaptations which are not covered by the mandatory eligible works.

Disabled top up grant

This covers the remaining balance where the cost of the works, funded by DFG, exceed the maximum grant of £30,000.

Fast tracked disabled facilities grant

This is a non means tested grant for the installation of stair lifts, shower adaptations or ramps.

Palliative care grant

This fast tracks requests for aids and adaptations if you wish to return to or remain in your home.

Safe at home assistance grant

This meets the reasonable costs of small scale essential repairs or improvements required to rectify health or safety hazards within your home.

Warm at home assistance grant

This funds energy efficiency improvements to your home.

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