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Frequently asked questions

Where is the site?

The development is located on land adjacent to Egley Road (A320) in Woking.

Who owns the site?

The 22 acre site is owned by Woking Borough Council. An agreement is in place that will see the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government lease the site from the Council for 125 years and grant two sub-leases: one four acre plot to Hoe Valley School for their education facilities and one to the Council for the remainder of the site.

Why is a secondary school in Woking needed?

In recent years, Woking has experienced a significant increase in demand for secondary school places. Surrey County Council has projected that Woking will require an additional 90 secondary school places by 2017, equivalent to three school forms, and a further 210 school places by 2021. It is essential that as the Borough continues to evolve, there is the educational infrastructure in place to support this level of growth.

Hoe Valley School has experienced huge demand for places for September 2016 and, still has a large waiting list, showing the need for a secondary school in south Woking.

Why build of Green Belt land?

Extensive research to find a suitable site in the urban area resulted in both Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council concluding in 2014 that there was an exceptional case to build an education facility in the Green Belt

The Council is acutely aware of the impact this development will have on local residents. Yet these are exceptional circumstances and the need to provide young people within the local community with a good local education is the responsibility of everyone.

Why is Woking Borough Council building a school?

Due to the shortage of school places in the Borough, the Council is keen to support and work with those who wish to help meet this need. By making suitable land available and using its build and project management expertise, the Council is supporting Hoe Valley School whilst ensuring value for money.

Woking Borough Council is managing the development of facilities but does not own or play any part in the management of Hoe Valley School.

Who will pay for the school?

The school and grounds will be funded by the Education Funding Agency at no cost to local taxpayers.

What type of school is Hoe Valley School?

Hoe Valley School is a state-funded independent academy school funded directly by the Education Funding Agency.

How many pupils will attend the school?

The school will cater for pupils aged between 11 and 19 years old providing up to 120 school places in each of years 7 to 13 with an aggregate total of 840 pupils.

When will the school building open?

It is expected that the school building will be open and fully operational by September 2018. Hoe Valley School opened in September 2015 and currently located in temporary buildings in Woking Park.

Who’s funding the community leisure facilities?

Woking Borough Council will meet the cost of the leisure facilities. The net cost to the Council after taking into account contributions from the Secretary of State and developer, will be some £13.5 million. This will be financed through a loan from the Public Works Loans Board.

Who will operate the community leisure facilities?

Freedom Leisure, who already operate Woking Leisure Centre and Pool in the Park on behalf of Woking Borough Council, will operate the new facilities.

When will the leisure facilities at Egley Road open?

The leisure facilities will open to the school in time for the 2018/19 academic year, whilst it is expected that the leisure facilities will open to the public in early 2019.

Will the athletics track replace the track in Sheerwater?

Yes. Once construction of the new athletics track is complete, works to transform the former Sheerwater track into affordable housing will progress.

This is separate to the wider Sheerwater Regeneration Scheme.

What will happen to Woking Leisure Centre?

Nothing. Woking Leisure Centre will continue to operate as normal.

What will happen to the temporary site once the Egley Road development is complete?

Once Hoe Valley School move into their permanent new home along Egley Road, the temporary site will be returned to coach parking.