Bring photo ID to vote on Thursday 2 May 2019

All Woking Borough electors will be asked to present photo ID from an approved list before they can vote at the polling station at this year's local elections.

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You can also view Woking Borough Council's official press releases relating to the regeneration scheme.

Spencer Close widening

Before construction of the exciting new leisure and sports facilities can begin, Spencer Close will need to be widened so that construction vehicles can access the site safely.

The street widening work will stay within highway land which includes the grass verges. Individual property’s gardens won’t be affected. During the widening work, parking restrictions are required so that construction vehicles can access both sides of the roads.

The widening work is expected to take about four weeks and will start later this summer.

Unfortunately there will be some disruption for residents, who live along Spencer Close and Devonshire Avenue, during the construction period. The project team has kept residents up-to-date with what they can expect and when.

Spencer Close and some Devonshire Avenue residents will have their parking spaces relocated to another nearby area. Residents will be notified in plenty of time.

Revised hybrid planning application submitted

Following approval by Council on 8 February 2018, Thameswey Developments Ltd (TDL) has submitted revised hybrid planning application for the Sheerwater Regeneration Scheme.

The application significantly increases the amount of affordable family housing and assisted accommodation and public open spaces.

You can view the hybrid planning application (PLAN/2018/0337) by visiting our Planning system.

It is expected that the revised hybrid planning application will be determined by the Local Planning Authority in autumn 2018.

Construction works to begin

It is expected that works will shortly begin to the construction of the leisure centre in the grounds of the Bishop David Brown School, along with construction of a number of new homes on land currently occupied by the athletics track.

There will be no demolition of residential buildings in the initial phase, but Spencer Close will need to be widened to create a construction access route so the verges will become smaller and parking restrictions will be enforced.

The redevelopment, which is scheduled to take place over seven years, will begin in summer 2018 and end by 2025.

Thameswey receives go-ahead to submit hybrid planning application

On 8 February 2018, Thameswey Developments Ltd (TDL) received approval from Council to submit a new and improved hybrid planning application that significantly increases the amount of affordable family housing and assisted accommodation, public open spaces and cycle and pedestrian routes.

In approving submission of the proposals, Council agreed that the application would be for up to 1,200 new homes, including at least 129 elderly supported units. The final number, and split between affordable and open market properties, will be determined by Council and the Local Planning Authority.

TDL is currently finalising the detail of and obtaining construction tenders for the approved Phase 1 works which mainly affects the land occupied by Bishop David Brown School, the athletics track and neighbouring properties.

TDL had also been asked to review the current regeneration masterplan and, where possible, increase the amount of open space available and the number of homes, particularly smaller-sized affordable homes, subject to Council approval, later this year.