Scheme history

In October 2012, Council approved its Core Strategy, known as Woking 2027, which sets out the Council's strategic planning policy.

The strategy identified Sheerwater and Maybury as a Priority Place, which committed us to make available land in our ownership to redress the tenure imbalance by providing new affordable homes. To compliment this work, a comprehensive public consultation on the need for recreational facilities in Sheerwater was conducted in July 2012. This highlighted widespread support for indoor sport facilities to include a swimming pool, sports hall and sports pavilion.

With this background information, our housing management partner, New Vision Homes (NVH), were invited to develop plans to transform Sheerwater through new housing, recreation and community facilities.

Over the next 24 months, NVH conducted a comprehensive community consultation and engagement programme to support the development of a Masterplan for Sheerwater, which culminated in the submission of a planning application for the regeneration in November 2015.

On 27 July 2016, Council granted outline planning permission for the Sheerwater Masterplan. This Masterplan established the location and amount of future development of the future phases of the redevelopment which included:

  • up to 922 residential units
  • 62 units of specialist residential accommodation
  • new community and youth centre
  • nursery
  • leisure centre
  • retail units
  • health centre
  • open green space.

Full planning consent for Phase 1 of the redevelopment, which included the recreation complex and new homes located on the existing athletics track, was granted at the same time. Whilst the regeneration has received outline planning consent, future phases (2, 3 and 4) will require detailed planning consent before redevelopment can proceed.

You can view the hybrid planning application (PLAN/2015/1260) by visiting the Planning Portal.

Thameswey Developments Ltd

Following a mutual decision by Woking Borough Council and New Vision Homes to end its agreement to regenerate Sheerwater, Thameswey Developments Ltd (TDL), a development company wholly owned by Woking Borough Council, was invited to bring forward proposals for the delivery of the regeneration scheme.

On 8 February 2018, TDL received approval from Council to submit a new and improved hybrid planning application that significantly increases the amount of affordable family housing and assisted accommodation, public open spaces and cycle and pedestrian routes.

In approving submission of the proposals, Council agreed that the application would be for up to 1,200 new homes, including at least 129 elderly supported units. The final number and, split between affordable and open market properties, will be determined by Council and the Local Planning Authority.

Works to the leisure facilities, which received full planning consent in 2017, will commence in summer 2018.

TDL is currently finalising the details and obtaining construction tenders for the approved Phase 1 works which mainly affects the land occupied by Bishop David Brown School, the athletics track and neighbouring properties.

TDL also reviewed the existing planning application and a revised hybrid planning application was submitted in June 2018. Subject to planning consent, the revised hybrid planning application could see up to 1,200 new homes and more open spaces.

You can view the revised hybrid planning application (PLAN/2018/0337) by visiting the Planning Portal.

It is expected that the revised hybrid planning application will be determined by the Local Planning Authority in autumn 2018.