Climate Change Strategy (Woking 2050)

UPDATE: We're currently reviewing our Climate Change Strategy to reflect the newer national target and our enhanced environmental ambitions. Find out more.

Fast forward to 2050. What do we want Woking to look like? What kind of place do we want Woking to be? 

Although 2050 seems a long way off, the reality is that we need to plan and act now if we are to leave a positive legacy to future generations.

Our Woking 2050 strategy takes a look at our whole way of living and how we influence our environment. 

Our goal is to create a place that:

  • protects and enhances our rich natural environment
  • uses resources wisely and conserves biodiversity 
  • develops the built environment in a sustainable way 
  • meets local needs and enables the local economy to prosper 
  • recognises, prepares and adapts to the socio-economic, environmental and demographic changes that the future will bring.

Balancing our environmental aspirations alongside our development and economic needs is at the heart of the Woking 2050 strategy.

Read a summary of Woking 2050 climate change strategy

View the full Woking 2050 climate change strategy

More information

For more information about our climate change strategy, please email our green infrastructure team.