Clarification: Affordable housing in Sheerwater


Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

The Planning Committee has approved a change to the tenure mix for Red Phase to address the current over provision of affordable housing by Thameswey.  

The early phases of the Sheerwater Regeneration Project delivered a disproportionate number of affordable homes to help with the rehousing of existing residents. 

The rebalancing to maintain the level of affordable housing as per the original consented scheme (46%), was agreed in July 2023 as part of the council’s decision to end its development agreement with Thamesway.

The new plan for Sheerwater, agreed in October 2023, includes the refurbishment of around 100 properties, which will be retained by the council for social housing, and it is anticipated that land sold within the regeneration area for redevelopment will lead to further high-quality homes for Sheerwater.

Read the Planning Committee report

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