Blue badge holder car park parking

You must apply to us before you can park free of charge in Woking town centre car parks.

You are required to pay for parking until your application has been approved by us and we have contacted you by post with your exit sticker.

This concession is only available to blue badge holders who are present in the vehicle as the driver or passenger.

It’s an offence to use the free parking without the blue badge holder being present. If caught ignoring this condition, the free parking will be withdrawn.

Read our blue badge exit stickers conditions of use

How to apply for a blue badge exit sticker

To apply, you must provide us with scanned or photograph copies your of blue badge on both sides - front and back.

Apply for a concessionary permit

How to use your blue badge exit sticker

Once your free parking application has been approved and processed, we will send you a confirmation letter and your exit sticker.

  • You must attach your unique exit sticker to your current blue badge - instructions are included with your confirmation letter.
  • When leaving the car park, you must scan your exit sticker at the exit barrier.