JustPark parking app

You can pay for parking via the JustPark app and phone service. It offers convenience and flexibility, enabling you to make safe, cashless parking payments. 

How to get and set up the JustPark app

To pay for your car parking via the JustPark app service, you will first need to download the app. This is quick and easy to do and it should take just a few minutes of your time.

You will be asked to input your vehicle's details, such as registration plate, make of car and colour, and your chosen payment details. These will be stored securely within the app, ready for your use.

Once you have parked in one of our car parks, just open the app and type in the location number of the car park - this will be displayed at the car parking payment machines.

Download the JustPark iPhone app

Download the JustPark Android app

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How to pay via the app

You can pay with the JustPark app when you are about to leave the car park. 

  • Once in the app, enter the location ID of the car park (displayed at the payment machines).
  • Enter/select your vehicle registration number and JustPark will calculate how much you need to pay.
  • Tap pay in the app and you will see a confirmation that the session has been paid for.

How to pay via phone

If you'd like to pay for your car parking over the phone, please call the number displayed at the payment machines and follow the instructions given. Please ensure you have ready:
●    your registration number
●    payment card details
●    location ID (displayed at the payment machines)

JustPark will confirm how much you need to pay before leaving the car park.

How to use the AutoPay function

AutoPay is a feature on the JustPark app that removes the need to use the app or phone system each time you visit the car park. Once you have used the JustPark app for the first time in an AutoPay car park, you will have the option of switching this 'on' and 'off'. 

Once enabled, the next time you visit the car park, JustPark will log your entry and exit times and automatically charge your payment card for the correct amount of money. 

How to access your parking history

Unlike using a pay and display machine, cashless parking allows you to store your full parking history, including VAT receipts, so you easily access this information whenever you need.