Review or comment on a planning application

You can use our Public Access database to search for: 

  • search, view and comment on planning applications submitted 
  • search and view details of a property within the borough
  • view the weekly list of new planning applications.

Before you begin searching the database, please confirm your agreement with our copyright notice below.

I agree to the copyright notice

Plans, drawings and material submitted to the council are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act). You may only use material that is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. You must not make further copies without first getting the permission of the copyright owner.

Making comments

Only comments submitted online will appear on the 'Comments' tab in Public Access. All comments can be viewed on the ‘Documents’ tab.

We will remove any comments that are offensive or discriminatory, and these will be ignored when determining the planning application.

Any information you send relating to planning permission applications will normally be published on our website. Please do not put any ‘personally sensitive’ information, such as ex-directory phone numbers, in any documents that you send us. This also applies to letters and emails sent to us from neighbours or other interested parties.

How to use the Public Access database

To find an address and view the planning history for that property:

  1. Click on the 'Property' tab in the ‘Simple Search’ screen.
  2. Enter the postcode.
  3. Click 'Search'.
  4. Select the 'Property' from the list.

Read the detailed Public Access database user guide 

Please note that within Public Access Important Dates there has been a system error which incorrectly gives a five-year expiry date for planning permissions. You should check the Decision Notice for the correct expiry date.