Apply for tree works

By law, it is illegal to undertake works on protected trees unless you have informed us and have received our written permission. 

Removing deadwood from protected trees does not require a formal application. However, please contact us before you carry out these works.


It is the applicant's responsibility to submit details of the proposed works to us in advance and only conduct the works if approval is given. 

We do not pay for work on protected trees. Landowners are responsible for ensuring their trees are safe and any pruning work required will be at their expense.

How to apply

Before you complete an application for tree works, we advise you to read our guidance notes.

Advice on how to apply for tree works

You can apply for works on protected trees as follows:

Apply online

Download a PDF form, complete and email 

Applications for trees protected by a TPO can take up to eight weeks to process. For trees in a conservation area, it can take up to six weeks

More information

If you require advice on tree maintenance and quotations for work, we recommend you contact a qualified tree surgeon or arboricultural consultant. 

Find an approved tree surgeon 

Find a registered tree consultant